Interaction Designers make technology more meaningful, usable, and delightful.  Interaction designers are the forefront of imagining the future by creating the next-wave mobile experiences, social networks, complex systems, products and services that pioneer new ways to work and play. Interaction Design takes place at the intersection between human experience and the built environment. 


Why CCA?

Imagine studying interaction design in a creative and innovative community at one of the best art and design schools in the world.

California College of the Arts is located in the Bay Area of Northern California, where many of the leading technology companies are headquartered: Apple, Intel, IDEO, Nokia, YouTube, Google, Facebook, among others.

We are literally positioned in a technology and design hub. As such, we provide our Interaction Design students with a rich academic environment, and one that connects students to unique opportunities that foster their professional training.

Graduates from our program have moved on to work at some of the top technology, design companies and are making a big impact on design and culture. 


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Interaction Design - Undergraduate Program

Invent the Future

While engineers make technology faster, smaller and more reliable, interaction designers make it more meaningful, usable, and delightful. Want to create the next-wave mobile experience? Reinvent social networks? Pioneer new ways to work and play? You have a future in interaction design.




Undergraduate Program
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Masters of Design in Interaction Design 

CCA’s new Masters in Interaction Design (MDes IXD) program prepares students for the most in-demand design discipline.  In an increasingly technology-rich world, opportunities abound for designers who can make technologies more meaningful, usable, and delightful. 

CCA is committed to the idea that interaction design should have a positive impact on society.  Our students learn to humanize technologies, and to address critical, complex challenges in innovative, socially conscious ways.