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Impact Salon - Isaac Buwembo - October

  • CCA IxD MDes studio 1111 8th Street San Francisco, CA, 94107 United States (map)

A Vibrant Cities Event

Join us Wednesday Oct 19th at 5pm to spend an hour with Civil Labs founder and DMBA graduate Isaac Buwembo.  

This is the second IxD Impact Salon of the year.  Impact Salon is a series about people using design to create Social impact, once a month, Wednesdays 5-6pm. 



Helping people be awesome is a mantra that I believe will change the world.  Imagine a relationship between two people where they focus on understanding each other and knowing their strengths and weaknesses. Instead of one person trying to outshine the other, energy is focused on leveraging each others strengths to achieve the best possible outcome. Imagine a team that is centred on a single unifying purpose.  Everybody on the team understands the purpose and knows how they can positively contribute to it.  Instead of creating conditions perpetuating asymmetric information flows, transparency is the norm. Imagine an organization that is truly working collaboratively. Instead of enabling silos and fear mongering, people's energy is focused on building strong relationships and sustaining trust.  

Helping people be awesome is a mind shift that reduces friction in relationships, fosters an enriching and collaborative culture, and ultimately allows one to focus more time and energy on doing cool stuff. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we could all do more cool stuff everyday? It’s difficult but not impossible to put ego aside and hold the collective benefit as a priority. This is how helping people be awesome will change the world.