Nicholas Pajerski

Senior Lecturer

Nicholas Pajerski, an architect from Omaha, Nebraska, is currently an Environments Designer at IDEO San Francisco. He is the cofounder of MAKE Collaboration and his work experience includes Min|Day Architects, NAi Maastrict, and a variety of clients whose needs have included everything from fabrication to image production.

Nicholas’ Masters thesis Reimaging Fabrication: Toward a Tipping Point for Representational Futures in Architecture produced a synthetic environment for design between instruments and physical matter. In 2013 Pajerski received a Howard Crosby Butler Traveling Fellowship in Architecture from Princeton University for Tokyo Tskuru: Investigating Post-Fordist Flexibilities, a proposal for the study of the adoption, rejection, and evolution of digital design strategies in Japanese architecture.

His written work has appeared in publications such as Pidgin, Digital Design in Architecture, L'Architecture d'Aujourd'hui, and Nova Organa. With Brendan Shea, Nicholas co-edited an independent publication entitled Pliable Practice: Conversing with Translational Approaches in Architecture that identifies the ways in which translational methodologies have underwritten emerging operating structures of architectural practice, and, in doing so, have disrupted conventional disciplinary and professional protocols.

Nicholas’ work engages the critical integration of computational design abstractions with robotics and tools for digital fabrication through implementation, curation, and misuse.

Twitter: @nmpajerski
MArch, Princeton University