Erin Hoffman-John

Adjunct Professor

I am a communicator, a design leader, a futurist, a nerd-lover, a parent, and a believer in a future where technology -- in concert with well designed social systems -- enables all human beings to achieve self-actualization. 

My love of making created Sense of Wonder. Our games are small but mighty. My love of the future brought me to Carnegie Mellon. The two work in concert; in the fall and spring I mentor MET teams on client-focused 12 week innovation projects, and in summer and winter I focus on Sense of Wonder's independent games. Throughout the year I am available for consultation on sufficiently interesting problems and products, and Sense of Wonder's remote staff is available for execution on projects that align with our values. I am also an international speaker on game design, 21st century learning, and social systems.

You can learn more about Sense of Wonder and my work at .

Specialties: Innovation; the 2-3yr future horizon; cultivating young designers and developers; vision-setting, pitching & communication; systems thinking; translating effective research into game mechanics, speaking both 'academic' and 'product', designing for emotion, building and facilitating teams to do great work, designing complex systems (and elegantly simple ones), keeping both eyes on the ball, active listening, prioritization. 

Game genres I've created in: games for good; games for kids (4 year olds, 5-7 year olds, 7-12 year olds, middle schoolers, high schoolers); massively multiplayer online games; social games; mobile games; old consoles!

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