Aaron Soloway


Aaron Soloway is a Designer / Engineer / Artist working independently. His favorite place is where art, music, and technology are naturally one: design. Sculpting fluid connections between these often discrete disciplines into new ideas is what he finds meaningful. 

His point of view has been wrought by deep work in research and development, extensive audio engineering, and a lifelong devotion to music—from reverse engineering mammalian auditory biology to create a robust sniper localization system for the Office of Naval Research to working on a human mobility aid device for the profoundly visually impaired using echolocation for the National Institute of Health. At IDEO, his design and engineering spanned cutting-edge health products, connected home devices, musical instruments, interactive hotel experiences, reimagined shopping interactions, educational toys, and novel energy systems. 

Growing up in Portland, Oregon, he was immersed in the world of classical music performing on bassoon and piano. This world expanded at Brown University, where he took up guitar and earned a Sc.B.-A.B. dual-degree in Electrical Engineering and Music Composition. It was these new paths that synthesized his hybrid view on the intrinsic unity that art, music, and technology embody within the encapsulation of design. 

Among other things, he's also made hundreds of hours of binaural recordings and loves spending time in Iceland.