Important dates for Fall 2016
The full adacemic calendar is here

We maintain a program calendar through Google Calendar. You will be invited to this calendar let us know if you haven’t received the link. We encourage you to add events like reviews and guest speakers that you would like other faculty to be aware of.

Supplies students should have

Supplies students should have

It is the student’s responsibility to obtain their own supplies and come to classes prepared.  Below is a list we’ve compiled that our IxD Students should carry with them.

See a list of recommended supplies

Student related issues

Student-related Questions
Faculty are part of Academic Affairs which means learning and everything that happens in classroom and around assignments.
Faculty are advised to avoid discussions around personal issues.

The college has counseling services and all students with medical and other challenges should be referred to Student Affairs.

For a detailed decision tree on how to handle student affairs procedures

Student Affairs is responsible for student life (mostly) outside the classroom (emotional, social)
For more information on Student Affairs visit:

Financial Aid is responsible for questions around money

Mind the boundary…. You might find you’re invited into “stuff” beyond IxD learning objectives and need to pull back (e.g. personal reasons why they missed class)

Student has a question about their program planning/schedule:

Refer student to
Jessica Bocklemtan

Disability/pharmacology or harassment issues:
Refer student to
Jeannine Szamreta

Student having a personal issues:
CCA Cares

Student needs language tutoring:
International Student Affairs and Programs Team