BFA Undergraduate

Our work is invisible but, interaction design is all around us.

Interaction designers (also known as Experience Designers, User Experience Designers, Digital Product Designers) are responsible for creating and designing the technology you are familiar with and the things you carry every day such as your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

We design the social media, software, web and mobile experiences you probably use like Facebook, and technology super tools like Google, and software like Photoshop.

An interaction designer has had a hand in creating the products and services that are in stores, restaurants, ecommerce, online content, medical centers, schools, your home and increasingly places you might not have thought, like the government and industry. We design the connected products and services that power your thermostat, the checkout process at your local store, the dashboard of vehicles and the ride sharing apps that you hailed.

The work we do is invisible but it is powerful and impactful, and operates at a massive scale.