CCA MDes Student created impact of food installation at the Asian Art Musuem

 Sida Li

Sida Li

Students of CCA's MFA and MDes Graduate programs created installation's as part of the Asian Art Museum's event Takeover.  

CCA students, Sidi Li (MDes), Yunwen Tu(MFA), John Wegner(MFA), and Weichung Joong(MA) designed and executed two interactive displays as part of a bigger exhibition sponsored by the Perennial Restaurant. The whole exhibition is about the impact of food and the installations compared the carbon footprints of different types of foods.

From the Asian Art Museum's description: 
"This TAKEOVER illuminates the impact of food and drinks on the environment and how our consumption choices can actually help reverse climate change. Along with some of their favorite partners and fellow environmental food visionaries, the pair will present an evening of ideas, conversation and questions. " 

Aynne Valencia

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