I'm Home

Solo Project: Ceramics for Industrial Design
BFA Students: Jennifer Kim
Professors: Edith Garcia and Matthew Swinton

What if there was a way to indicate you’re home safe and sound, in order to alleviate any worries your loved ones may have?

We were asked to create an object that incorporates elements from our own field of study with ceramics, as well as bringing in our own aesthetic. At the time the project was assigned, my parents were getting ready to move to China and I knew they would be constantly worried about me and my brother. My idea was to create a keychain display which takes the Korean form of our family name “Kim” using plaster mold and slip casting. Then I 3D printed keychains for each of us, also taking the form of our Korean names. I liked using the metaphor of a puzzle, where each person makes up one part of the whole, much like a family unit. The idea was, if someone were to come home, they would place their keychain in the designated area of the display, which would trigger a sensor connected to a Photon board. That board would communicate to the one in the homes of the other family members, causing an LED to light up that same designated section, thus indicating that that person is home. This allows the other members of the family to know who is home and who is not, avoiding any concerns or miscommunications that may happen.