PICOSO: Games for Change

Solo Project IxD
BFA Students: Andres E Hurtado
Professors: Christina Wodtke

Picoso is a game based on general Mexican culture that, through playing a trivia of questions, educates players on the diversity, gastronomy, and family traditions within Mexican culture.  For those who are not familiar at all with Mexican culture, after playing, players will leave with intriguing fun facts about Mexico, and its people. For those familiar with Mexican culture, they will be reminded about how awesome Mexican culture is.

Through the game’s theme - escaping away from machismo - players will become aware of the strong presence that machismo has in Mexican culture.  Due to the possibility of misunderstanding, or misinterpreting machismo because of unfamiliarity with the culture, the deeply-seated marks machismo has left in Mexican culture are not addressed.  However, the goal of the game of escaping away from machismo makes it clear to the player that machismo is something negative, and not something to be aspired to in Mexican culture.