Black Box Poetry - A Collaborative Storytelling Game on Death and Dying

Black Box Poetry | A Collaborative Storytelling Game on Death and Dying
BFA Student: Jake Gale
Faculty Advisor: Christina Tran and Aynne Valencia

I began my thesis with an interest in a topic I knew almost nothing about, poetry. Recently I discovered the power of poetry and creative writing and I wanted to explore more. I used it as a tool to talk about issues and feelings I couldn't talk about with others, sensitive issues surrounding the loss of friends and family. I wondered if I could bring others into the conversation and create a tool where people could write together through this medium. This is where my topic of collaborative poetry creation began. I believe that poetry truly can be an effective way to combat trauma and grief, even for non writers. Poetry is a healthy and worthwhile form of expression that demands a second look. Poetry can offer a way to move through the grieving process and can provide catharsis when nothing else seems to work. The game itself is centered around common themes and give users constraints to enable them to write more easily. Each poem is built up of a beginning, middle, and end, depending on when you enter the site you are placed in one of these roles. Once a poem is finished a new poem starts so there is always a poems being written one the site. You can share these poems on your social media platform of your choosing and look back on all the poems you have contributed to. Whether you’re dealing with loss or just want to participate in the conversation visit