Anti-Surveillance - Privacy Butler

Anti-Surveillance / (Privacy Butler) | Stay Loud, Stay Safe
BFA Student: Zhiyu Xue
Faculty Advisor: Christina Tran and Haakon Faste

Governments often worry that revolutions will rise. To respond, they increase surveillance of activists, journalists, and dissidents who they fear will inspire revolutions in their countries. The value of surveillance in governments is worth over 50 billion dollars; more and more governments are buying the services or developing their own tools to monitor activists. In doing so, the government can take down activists before they have a chance to act. Stopping an activist can immensely alter social movements due to their huge role in social justice. The danger to activism is rising, more people march and protest on the streets ever since Trump was elected. We hope to develop Privacy Butler to prevent the end of this movement.

This project heavily focuses on the personal protester and online activist who don’t hold prior knowledge about protecting their privacy. During my research, I found that online protesters are the backbone to most marches and organized protests; they use the medium of the internet to post articles and news relevant to a movement. It is with this in mind that I want to develop a mobile application that educates people on what they can do to keep their anonymity during a protest, it will also offer a private channel for publishing photos and text on social media that encrypts messages so they can communicate safely.