MixedUp Radio - A Community for People like You

MixedUp Radio | A Community for People like You
BFA Student: Uriel Zarate
Faculty Advisor: Christina Tran and Haakon Faste

Have you ever felt like you had no community? Like you couldn’t truly embrace your culture because you were expected to be one thing or the other? This is a reality that many third culture kids face. We are too white to be in a different culture or to different to be considered white. We have no motherland.

When I first moved to the US I was lucky enough to be part of a primarily Latino community so my family and I didn’t feel like we were alone. We had people to ask where we could go shopping, we would be invited to gatherings, and farmers markets and the big move suddenly didn’t feel that bad. Fast forward to when I went off to college. I found myself in a very familiar situation. I had left my community and was feeling out of place. After a year I was able to build my community but, it’s not that easy for some.

MixedUp Radio helps third culture people find and connect with others who have experienced similar things through the power of storytelling. I invite third culture people to share their experiences on their own radio episode as well as encourage conversation while we are on air through a chat room. This has resulted in various in-person events being arranged which has slowly built a small community.