Ownroom | Comfortable and Economical Sustainable Living Space for Young Individual in Shenzhen
BFA Student: Shue Wong
Faculty Advisor: Aynne Valencia 

Shenzhen is one of the major city in China, which is also the most rapid growing city in the China. This leads to Shenzhen currently populated by 15 millions migrants, and 80 percent of them are young professionals who come with skill and seek higher income, who mostly intent to stay in shenzhen for 6 month- 48 month for job. However, the majority of them are live in below standard housing in urban villages even when most of them theoretically can support the rent for standard living.The current market didn’t supply there need as the developer have strong leading to built luxury apartments target for big families and the rent of market are lack of control as the majority of property are individually owned and low maintenance due to the low rent. However, In 2017, the China government released guideline allows commercial space to be rental as residential space. This leads to opportunity of creating new type of rental housing to young professionals as the commercial real estate are mainly developer owned and rent out currently as the sell price are low. Therefore, it is possible to create profitable housing for this market.

My suggestion is Customizable pre design small spaces is solution for the current need which pre designed smaller spaces is a solution for matching the need and budget space, however, the space need to customizable for both for the sense ownership and the possible extension for longer demand matches. Furthermore, Personal Space is determined by sense, not space itself as the definition of personal space is defined by the of ownership and which can be controlled by not visual and physical design. Finally, Searching the priority of what is need instead of what is wanted and provided is a way to help to narrow down the need and demand of housing market as the need and demand have a gap of communication.