What’s Your Tradition? - Bridging the Cultural Gap Between Us

What’s Your Tradition? | Bridging the Cultural Gap Between Us
BFA Student: Brodie Legnon
Faculty Advisor: Christina Tran and Haakon Faste

Here in the Bay Area we live in one of  the most diverse places in the world with people from so many different ethnicities and backgrounds and it’s become a melting pot of culture. However at times we’re so accustomed to assimilating with American culture that we forget our own cultural heritage. Growing up I had very little knowledge on my own cultural heritage and realized that there wasn’t a really good resource for those seeking to better understand their cultural heritages. My thesis aims to explore how we can use stories of traditions to help those seeking to better understand their cultural heritage

Design has the power to connect us with people on deeper level. Today technology has enabled us to be more connected than ever but there is a lack of true understanding and interaction with people of different perspectives. As a designer I aim to use design and technology to bridge the the gap between us as people.