Social Lab Projects in the local news

Social Lab projects have been getting the attention of local press.  


A public space that serves as a platform to amplify Black Arts, community and culture in San Francisco.



Our team has been exploring different directions for developing after school art programming for underserved youth. In order to create a holistic set of design thinking workshops that address the needs of the youth in the community, we realized we need to co-create through iteration on a foundational frame- work. Through our process, we have been meeting and forming relationships with art organizations who are doing impactful work with underserved youth in San Francisco. We have been in conversation with Ariana Allensworth and M.C K~Swift from Youth Speaks, Josephine Lee and Ieeshea Romero from Inneract Project, Craig Hollow from Youth Art Exchange, Lisa Martin from Southern Exposure, and Lindsay Howland from Root Division. Meeting these inspiring leaders in the community and learning best practices in this field has encouraged us to recognize the importance of co-design between designers and the community. We believe that communities are experts in designing for themselves and our role as designers is to facilitate the process and provide relevant tools and methodologies that promote empowerment. Partnering with the people who experience these social problems allows us to evaluate whether an initiative is effective in its context or not. In our research, we have identified the critical need for the inclusion of youth and their educators, to create a culturally relevant context of capacity building.



The historic Marcus Bookstore is reopening in partnership with the African American Arts and Culture Complex (AAACC).  
An Impact Award* winning team of four CCA Masters students (Amber Murray, Alberto Ishida Emily Booth and Sarah Ludwig) worked to facilitate design sessions, strategy, service and store design.  
There will be an event, to be held Tuesday, Aug. 16, 6-9 p.m., on the first floor of the AAACC, 762 Fulton St., San Francisco to announce plans for reopening. 

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From the New Fillmore Magazine 

From the New Fillmore Magazine 

The Discover Fillmore Team (Alagu Chockalingam, Matt Mitchell, Kristine Yuen, Sida Li, Lisa Baird, and Vanika Nain) were featured in the New Fillmore Magazine.  Read the article here.

*The annual IMPACT Grant Awards enables interdisciplinary teams of CCA students to develop and realize social innovations through their creative practice.  Awards of up to $10,000 are open to teams of undergraduate and graduate students from all academic programs. For more information: